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Conversation with my Womb

 9 Week Online Course, 3rd Oct to 28th Nov 2021

What is Conversation with my Womb?


We are going through a turbulent but unique time in history. Age old beliefs of domination and discrimination are thrown into total disarray. Violence and suppression of the feminine is caught in the crossfire. Women who speak truth to power suffer backlash. Many continue to bear the brunt of violence.   

For an awfully long time, we upheld the masculine model of power at the expense of the feminine. The time has come for feminine energy to heal and lead. For that to happen, women need to explore ways in which they have been harmed by patriarchy. This circle of healing is the first step towards breaking free from childhood conditioning which is largely founded on a dominator model of power.

Dubbed “Conversation with my womb” the course will create space for women to reflect on the impact of repressed feminine energy on humanity as well as liberate negative expressions of masculinity from what has now become a violent way of living for many. The womb is used here as a literal and metaphorical expression of women’s healing from inside out.

If you are ready and willing to make a commitment to your own healing, join Mmatshilo Motsei in her quest to create space for women to reclaim the power of the divine feminine.

 Course Structure

Week 1 (3 Oct ’21)

Breaking free from childhood conditioning – role of culture

We start the journey with New Moon meditation on the 7th of September. Part of the meditation will honour the resilience and tenacity of women. During the first week, we reflect on our childhood conditioning with a particular focus on messages we were told when growing up as girls. How did these messages shape our sense of being in the world? Do they influence our decisions regarding dating, sex, marriage, career, money, leadership etc?  

Week 2 (10 Oct ’21)

Breaking free from childhood conditioning – role of religion        

Deepening the discussion on childhood conditioning, this week we focus on religious messages about women and womanhood. Many of these messages end up making women feel guilty or ashamed. This week we focus on the shame and guilt that women carry about their bodies and their place in the world.

Week 3 (17 Oct ’21)

Healing the mother wound

We start with full Moon meditation to center ourselves for what may become the most sensitive week, because it has the potential to open deep seated wounds. Mother Wound refers to an injury to a child’s psyche which results from a significant dysfunction or disruption in the relationship between mother and the child. The wound can be individual i.e., between an individual mother and child. It can also be collective i.e., a wound of our oppression as a collective. Throughout the week, we redefine the meaning of “mother” as well as engage in exercises that can help to heal the wound.

Week 4 (24 Oct ’21)

Healing the father wound

 The father wound is an injury that originates from a significant dysfunction or disruption of a relationship between the child and the father. Often, this injury can be through an act of commission i.e., what the father did to the child; or an act of omission i.e., what the father did not do for the child. Other than healing our inner masculine wound, the week also helps us to liberate the patriarch within.

Week 5 (31 Oct ’21)

Writing for healing: Reflections on the journey

This week we focus on using the art of creative writing and story telling as a healing tool. As we work together in using the spoken and written word as medicine, we birth new words. In turn, new words will birth new stories. During this week, we will also participate in another New Moon meditation

Week 6 (7 Nov ’21)

Honouring the womb as a source of life

Using insights of the first five weeks, we reflect on the depiction of women’s bodies in the society as well as the kind of relationship that women have with the same. A lot will be focused on our relationship with our reproductive organs i.e., vagina, womb, and ovaries. Included in this will be a discussion on menstruation and its relationship with the Moon cycle.

Week 7 (14 Nov ’21)

Healing reproductive wounds

During this week, we will use birth stories to highlight trauma of fertility, infertility, experiences during delivery, miscarriage as well as healing the spiritual wound of abortion. Using Full moon meditation as a channel to deepen our connection with our bodies, we will work on releasing the pain and trauma that we carry in our bodies.   

Week 8 (21 Nov ’21)

Healing childhood/adult sexual wounds

We live in a world that is violent to women. Often, we carry the pain in our wombs. This week we reflect on the trauma of sexual wounds. For many, these may even be intergenerational and multigenerational.

Week 9 (28 Nov ’21)

Write to Heal: Reflections on the Journey

Once again, we use creative writing as a tool for healing. The journey will end with a online healing circle where participants will share their stories. The stories will be left online for a few weeks beyond the course, to give people a chance to read them at their own pace.   

How will this work? This circle combines zoom, podcast, and participation in a private Facebook page.


link to a podcast is sent to you via email with topic of the week and exercises.


Discussion in private Facebook page.


Group check via Zoom; summary of the week and link with the following week.

Each lesson blends experiential learning with creative writing. To participate in the course, you must commit to making daily entries in your journal. Guidelines on free writing will be sent to you at the beginning of the course. All Rights Reserved.